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Award winning Cree author Larry Loyie’s latest book tells the harrowing history of Canada’s residential schools. Over 150,000 Aboriginal children were taken from their homes and families in a systemic effort to eradicate Aboriginal culture. These residential schools began in 1870. The last one closed in 1996. Many children were mistreated, malnourished and abused.

An essential book for all libraries. Great for educators and staff to read for developing greater cultural and historical awareness and understanding, and critical for working with Aboriginal students and their families. You could read this book in chunks with older students.

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The Canadian Flyer Series is a series that intermediate teachers have been searching for for a long time – quality historical Canadian fiction with a lower reading level. Perfect for grades 3-7, depending upon your kids and your unit of study.

Ms. Nesmith, wonderful teacher at Strathcona, encouraged me to test drive the books with a group of her kids. So that’s what I’m doing right now with a great group of kids. Each student picked one of the books from the series, read it, and completed a double sided sheet that helped them collect information about the historical event. We are now using those sheets to create short keynote presentations about the historical event that we will present to their class.


This series of some 15+ novels includes topics we love to learn and teach: the gold rush, the Underground Railroad, the explosion in the Halifax Harbour, traditional westcoast Aboriginal culture, and pioneers!

Head to the publisher’s site for free teaching resources, including a Canadian map with the novels on it, just begging for some kind of Read-Across-Canada event.

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The 100 year anniversary of this catastrophic event has sparked great interest in books about The Titanic. We have a number of gorgeous books in the library and two new editions from my most recent foray to Kidsbooks.

Another beautiful and engaging book by DK, this one featuring stunning illustrations with cut outs, photographs and reproductions of documents. New!

Titanic: The search for the lost fugitives (Codequest Adventure)

Learn about history as you help Brendan, a code breaker and journalist, solve the various mysteries. Part of the Code Quest series, this story is told from the point of view of Brendan. Interactive mystery where the readers are also detectives! This series also includes Inca and Ancient Egypt mysteries. New!

Other recommended Titanic titles.

Prolific Canadian author publishes another of this trilogies aimed at Grades 3+.

Part of the Canadian Flyer Series, this well written series has 15 titles, each one about a different part of Canadian history. Grades 2-4

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