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Tuesday, January 30  – Minecraft Books and activities

Wednesday, January 31 – Drawing contest!

Thursday, February 1 – Trivia Game

Friday, February 2 – Surprise

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Minecraft Reads Week

Minecraft Reads Week!

Join us in the library at lunch for a week of Minecraft related books and activities! We won’t be playing the actual game, but we will have an awesome trivia game using Kahoot with prizes. Dates announced soon…

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Hour of Code

hour of code

Have you done Hour of Code yet? Hour of Code a great way to introduce coding to kids. Using command blocks instead of javascript, students instruct their character to perform certain tasks, working their way through the levels. Using popular characters, such as Elsa from Frozen and Steve from Minecraft, students of all ages are highly engaged in the activities. As a teacher, you can register your class and have them sign in. This way you are able to keep track of their work and when the wifi fails, the kids can log back in without losing any of their work. On the other hand, logging in is a bit of a pain, so with some classes, we did not bother to do this.

Above, you can see two kids playing with the Frozen game using the library Smartboard. Not only great for demoinstrating and watching the instructional videos, the Smartboard was also fun to code on. Such a big screen and easy to move the blocks around. Most of the kids used iPad minis in pairs and individually. You can also use desktops, other mobile devices, and even paper.

People in my generation grew up learning to code our Commodore 64’s, using Logo at school, and trying to get our games to work using DOS. As such, our generation had experience with coding, but kids these days, well with slick operating systems, they often have no exposure to coding at all. This is the second year I’ve participated in Hour of Code at Strathcona, having first heard about it from our fabulous Tech Mentor Annie Simard. I can’t wait to try it again. Hour of Code is a great introduction and a fabulous thing to do with your kids at home or in class.


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Check out our new Minecraft books! You can only read them in the library. They are not for borrowing. Find them in the reference area.


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