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Here’s another great book about seasons. I like the short text that explores the five senses through the four seasons. The students love the highly stylized illustrations.

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Its spring and many of the classes are growing plants, observing bugs, collecting seeds, and learning about our natural world. Dianne Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long’s books are fantastic read alouds, full of quick facts written in a very lyrical way, with gorgeous illustrations. So take a minute from your classroom garden, a read one (or all), of these books.

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Nothing like cherry blossoms blooming, crocuses poking their heads up, and birds chirping in the early morning to tell us spring is here. There are many lovely books about spring, and Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms is one.

Enjoying a spring day, Fletcher bounces along and to his great surprise, he finds snow! Worried for his friends, he hurries off to warn each one of them, all of whom were enjoying the sping day. When the reach the orchard, instead od snow, they find blossoms covering ths ground!

A lovely book to read with children that can be read quickly, with one or two desciptive lines per page, or in more detail that explain why seasons happen.

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