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After destroying the environment, people have been unable to live on Earth, instead living in large space colonies. When scientists and government officials begin to suspect that Earth may be inhabitable, they send 100 juvenile delinquents to Earth to test their theory.  Clearly there will be a sequel. A TV series based on the novel airs in January.

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There’s a lot of dystopian novels for youth floating around these days, often entertaining and action packed, sometimes emotionally gripping, but Maggot Moon is surprising because it is all of those things AND well written.

Image of the Maggot Moon Book


Standish Treadwell is living in a bleak time. The government and its spies are everywhere. Watching. Listening. Waiting. People are disappearing. Standish and his grandfather are trying to keep a low profile after the disappearance of Standish’s parents and all the terrible things happening in their community. Some violent and disturbing scenes.

eBooks are a hot topic these days, but even more interesting are the new interactive iBooks and Maggot Moon is a new one. Check out the trailer.

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I loved this book. I devoured it in two days and have moved on to the sequel, Sapphique.

Finn is a prisoner who awoke in a cell one day with no recollection of his past. Because of his seizures and visions, he believes he is from the outside and that there is a way out.

Claudia is the warden’s daughter and lives on the outside. She has been groomed from a young child to marry to heir to the throne and to be the next queen. Still thinking about her previous fiance who supposedly died in a riding accident, Claudia is not the obedient daughter she pretends to be.

Watch the .

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There’s  a lot of dystopian teen lit coming out right now, and here is one recommended to me by Margot…

Reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy‘s The Road, Stephen and his father have buried the grandfather, a powerful and strong personality who had little empathy and gentleness, but upon whom they relied for survival. Stephen and his father are salvagers, people gathering goods that were abandoned after the plague decimated the world. They travel back and forth across the wasted country looking for valuable item and trying to avoid the slavers.

After a bad encounter with slavers, Stephen is forced to accept help and to trust people who aren’t family.

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