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Rot and Ruin series

How excited I was to receive the fourth and final installment of Mayberry’s Rot and Ruin zombie series for teens! A most satisfying conclusion.

Benny Imura is a very young child when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Raised by his zombie killing older brother, Benny struggles to grow up.

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more zombies

Here’s a fun read for your younger students.

Stanley Nudelman buys a zombie doll at a yard sale, but he doesn’t heed the warnings on the back of the package, and so Zombiekins comes to life and starts turning kids at school into zombies!

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After the zombie apocalypse, Benny, a young teenager, has grown up in a town safely fenced off from the Rot and Ruin. As a baby, Benny was rescued from zombies by his older brother Tom, who has raised him. Tom, a katana wielding young man, is a zombie hunter, and Benny finds himself as his brother’s apprentice when he is forced to choose a job.

Margot and I devoured all three books and eagerly await the fourth. In fact, we like the YA series so much, we’ve moved onto John Maberry’s Joe Ledger series for adults.

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