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Awesome Autumn is a beautiful nonfiction read aloud with lovely photographs. Has lots of information about autumn and all the changes that happen.

Fall Walk is a hybrid story of a child walk with a grandparent and information about trees and leaves. Great for leaf identification and before going on an fall walk with your class/kids. How to press leaves, some trivia, and how to make leaf rubbings are included.















Pumpkins by Ken Robbins is a stunning book with gorgeous photographs and short text about pumpkins. Another great nonfiction read aloud.


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This is such a great nonfiction read aloud with gorgeous photographs. I love how every two page spread has a sentence or two in large font AND a paragraph with details in smaller font. For some groups, I read only the large font sentences, and with other groups I also read some of the details. The kids and teachers loved the book and Ms. Russo said it would be great for poetry, because it goes into the different sense.

And being a teacher, I can’t help but love books that introduce vocuabulary and concepts like hibernation, migration…

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Fabulous Fall

When the summer ends, I always feel sad until the leaves start to turn colour and fall to the ground. Here are a couple of great read alouds for fall.


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Beautiful ABC fall book, great vocabulary building for young ones and English language learners.

Watch the book trailer


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