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We have so many exciting things planned for today!

8:30-9:00 Family Bingo with favourite book characters – date changed to Wednesday February 29

Dan Bar-El, fabulous author and storyteller will present to some of the younger students.


We also have two great take home activities:

memory game

family lit bingo – return by Monday, March 5 to enter a draw to win prizes for your whole class!

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Family Literacy Day is January 27th and promotes reading in families. Check out the website for tons of ideas and even a contest. In Strathcona Library we have a scavenger hunt and a colouring page. Complete both or either and enter a draw to win prizes!

Some fun literacy ideas:

  • read some recipes and cook together
  • write or type your favourite recipes, photocopy & decorate and give out as gifts
  • go to the library: pick books out for each other and then read them together
  • start a family blog blogger.com  wordpress.com
  • write a back and forth story by texting: text one line, next person texts the second line, etc.
  • write postcards or emails to faraway friends and family
  • learn to tweet together twitter.com

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