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Sammy, a Wilson’s warbler, migrates south from the Arctic Circle all the way to Panama. Stunning illustrations/cut outs. A wonderful read aloud information storybook.

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Darn Squirrels!

Old Man Fookwire is a crotchety old man living off in the woods. He hates everything but birds and painting. When the weather turns, his friends fly south and so he finds himself lonely. Trying to get the birds to stay, the old man begins to feed the birds, but the birds aren’t the only ones who are hungry.

Read about the sequel on Carrie Gelson’s blog.

And a third one???

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I love the illustrations in the this nonfiction narrative picture book. Contains a lot of factual information written in a poetic form. Great read aloud either in sections for younger kids or in one sitting for upper primary/intermediate.

And while you’re on the topic of migration, it may be prudent to mention that people are on the move too! In fact, some of the students may have migrated themselves. Here’s a gorgeous, award-winning, highly recommended book that’s sure to launch many observations and conversations and connections.

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