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The Lemonade Crime

In The Lemonade War, siblings Evan and Jessie compete to see who will make the most money selling lemonade.  When Scott leaves all the money, all two hundred and eight dollars, in his pocket, the money goes missing. Right after, Scott runs home and soon after comes to school bragging about his new video game. Evan suspects it was Scott who stole the money and Jessie is convinced. Jessie is so sure Scott stole the money, she initiates a trial, complete with a judge, jurors and lawyers.

Good read. Great intro for a mock trial.

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I highly recommend this graphic novel series. Book One: The Stonekeeper begins with a punch. A family of four is driving in their car at night when suddenly their car careens off a cliff and the father dies. Broken hearted, the mother and two children move to a creepy old mansion that the mom grew up in. When their mother is kidnapped by a strange beast, the children and the bunny go on a quest to find her taking them to strange worlds with even stranger creatures. Beautifully illustrated.

Stay tuned, I heard number four is rolling out as you are reading this…

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Ida B

I am rereading this lovely story of a home schooled girl who not only talks to, but listens to trees. And brooks. At Seymour School, Ms. Gelson and I ran a book club with keen students at lunch. We have read many wonderful stories in the past 2.5 years and I just couldn’t imagine not participating. The book club, that now includes Strathcona’s own Ms. Shepherd-Dynes, is reading Ida B and I can’t help but read along. The book club started posting responses this year on the blog…

Some of our Book Club selections:

The Grave

The Skull of Truth

The Higher Power of Lucky, an award winning book, is currently in the middle of a censorship debate for the use of this word. I have to admit to being disappointed in some of my fellow librarians and teachers. And I highly recommend this book.

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