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Two more gorgeous books by author and illustrator, Steve Jenkins. Discover fascinating facts about animals with great infographics. Steve Jenkins never disappoints with his beautiful paper collage images and captivating lay outs. And great facts. Did you know that in a 24 hour period, elephants sleep 3.5 hours while squirrels sleep 15?

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All about the eyes of animals!


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Hands down, Steve Jenkins is my most favourite nonfiction author and illustrator for kids. His beautiful collages illustrate fascinating comparisons and facts. I love all the ‘actual size’ animals. Steve Jenkins’ latest book is a compilation of his many books and is a competitor for School Library Journal’s Battle of the Books.

A great book for every child, every school library, and every classroom.


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I love Steve Jenkins’ books. He is my most favourite nonfiction children’s author. My students and I first fell in love with his Actual Size books and fabulous collages. His books are excellent read alouds.

Here is his latest book, this one is all about beetles.

This book just screams PRINTMAKING to me. Read the book, pick your favourite beetle. Using card or tag board, cut out main parts  and glue onto rectangular piece of card stock.  Leave small gaps between the parts. Add smaller details on top, such as shell patterns etc. Roll a brayer with block printing ink, roll on, press onto large paper. Repeat with different colours.

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As a self proclaimed Steve Jenkins Junkie (is he not your most favourite nonfiction author?), I was so excited to see this new book on the shelves of Kidsbooks (the wonderful store with even more wonderful and knowledgeable staff – my two favourites are Leslie and Christianne).

It’s probably obvious, but Jenkins’ latest book is all about beetles. Like all of his work, this book has stunning art (collage) with snippets of very interesting information.

My favourite Jenkins:





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