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Carson Ellis‘ picture book Home is a gorgeously illustrated exploration of different types of homes. Lovely read aloud and great to launch an art project.

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Ted Harrison is a beloved Canadian artist whose iconic stylized paintings have inspired many classroom art projects. If you are looking to launch your Ted Harrison painting or collage project with your students, this book would be an excellent choice. A Brush Full of Colour is a biography and contains many gorgeous reproductions of Harrison’s art.

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This is such a cool book that walks us through the elements of design, tricks and tips designers use to capture people’s attention, and the history of graphic design. From scale to juxtaposition, to image resolution, to fonts, to colour, to scale, to light and dark, this book exposes young people to design. Includes fun design projects. Great to launch a unit on graphic design.

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Smart About Art

There are eight artists featured in this series and we have just added four to our collection: Renoir, Kahlo, Degas, and Cassatt. Laid out like a scrap book, each title contains photographs (or illustrations), reproductions of their work, and information about the artists. Beautiful little volumes.



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The Pencil

A lonely pencil begins to draw, but when he draws a boy, the boy asks for a dog who asks for a cat who asks for  a mouse… each character asks for a name as well as something else which leads the pencil to draw a paintbrush who paints the drawings with beautiful colours. When the creatures begin to complain, the pencil draws an eraser to help make them happy. The eraser gets carried away and soon the pencil is running for it’s life.

Fun read aloud.

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Great series of information books about specific artists, which includes lots of biographical information. Perfect for some research or non-fiction read aloud. There are eight titles in this series and we have recently added four to our collection!

And while you’re gathering some ideas, check out this awesome art blog.


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