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Strathcona School Library has moved out of the community centre building. After 40 years, the VPL moved to their new branch, a beautiful new facility on East Hastings and Heatley, and the school library remained on the site for 1.5 years. Now, the seismic upgrade of the school is complete, and the school library is moving to the southwest corner of the Senior Building on the main floor. Here is what Monday in the new space looked like:

Hopefully this Monday will look a little different.

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The Two Sisters, a tale from the Squamish Nation, that explains the existence of two iconic peaks on the north shore of Vancouver. If you live in the lower mainland, you probably know these peaks as The Lions. This beautifully illustrated book is loved by teachers and students. Never in the library and always in use, I hope to purchase another two copies. As one grade 4 student told me, “I can see them from my front window!”

An essential library book. Great for launching writing and art projects.

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This is the first post I’m writing mid read. I just have to. It is such a funny book. Susin Nielsen really nails all the comedy, irony and awkwardness that is growing up, especially around that preteen age. I’m doing a lot of cringing as I read, which is something I don’t usually enjoy in a book, which reminds me of Dave Eggers.

Violet’s dad takes off, marrying a very young woman, leaving Violet with her mom and little sister Rosie in a rundown house near Main Street, trying to recover. If that isn’t bad enough, Violet’s dad and new stepmom move to LA and have twin girls and a pool! Violet’s mom is trying to move past grieving and is now dating. A lot. Whether it’s blind dates or online Havalife, Violet’s mom has no problem getting dates. The problem is that her taste in men really sucks. She picks total losers. Violet is unable to bear anymore circling dweebs and decides George Clooney is an excellent choice for her mom to marry, prompting her and her BFF Pheobe to write him a letter. Only halfway through and loving it.

Also try Susin Nielsen’s other novel, Word Nerd. Even if you didn’t grow up in Vancouver, you’ll appreciate Ambrose, smart and unpopular in his Value Village duds living in a basement suite in Kits, and his friendship with the young man who lives upstairs.

Love the covers!

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