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We watched this favourite video for older students:

Here are a couple favourite read alouds for Pink Day

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Building a community in your class or school is so critical to learning, to the children’s sense of belonging and security, to their social and emotional development, and let’s face it, to your sanity. Picture books are perfect for getting into some gritty topics in a slightly detached way. Addressing delicate class or school issues through fictional characters enables children to do it in a safe way. A non defensive way. It also helps kids to imagine themselves in various roles or situations, building the capacity for empathy and understanding.

Here are a few books to get you started:

You can be different and alone or you can work together and build something great.

When Roberta moves to a new school, she isn’t sure how she fits in. Can she be herself and still belong?

Don’t be a bystander when bulling is happening. Another great book by Peggy Moss.

A school principal helps the class ‘bully’ shift his thinking and his behaviour. Books where the bully is punished in the end aren’t my favourite, and so I like this one that ends with redemption.

How are you affected by other people and how are they affected by you? Help your kids build more self awareness with the bucket concept. When I was a classroom teacher, I did a version of this called IALAC.

Woodson is well known for her heart wrenching tales and Each Kindness is no different. When a new girl comes to school, the protagonist participates in excluding and bullying her. Although there is no redemption in the end and we are left with feelings of regret, shame and sadness, this book is an excellent launching point for deep discussions with your kids.

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Canadian spoken word poet Shane Koyczan‘s poem To This Day is published in this illustrated book and tells the painful autobiographical story of Shane’s childhood experiences with being bullied.

Checkout this youtube video:

Wonderful for launching discussions on bullying and inclusion with older students. Would also be great for beginning poetry, art or spoken word projects.

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This is such a great novel.  It was super funny.  And the voice.  The voice made me laugh and ripped up my heart at the same time.  I haven’t enjoyed a novel this much in a long time.  Painfully funny portrait of the third most popular girl who struggles with fitting in and having integrity.

Because of the mature content, this book is appropriate for older teens and adults.


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A lovely, rhyming tale about how even the smallest girl in the smallest grade can affect positive change in her environment. Sally McCabe may be small and often overlooked, but she notices everything. And a lot of what she notices, she doesn’t like until one day she decides to speak up and find her voice.

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Willow finds her voice and learns to stand up to a bossy classmate in a charming and empathetic way.

When Mom comes to Kindergarten, it’s an embarrassing disaster.  Will she ever learn the rules?

Emily is worried about starting school so Foxy tries to help by using magic. Unfortunately, Foxy’s magic doesn’t work out as planned with hilarious and rhyming results.

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Pink Shirt Day

Today is Pink Shirt Day, a day we wear pink to take a stand against bullying, homophobia and discrimination.

A couple of my favourite books to read are

The true story of two male penguins living in a New York Zoo who adopted a rock and cared for it like an egg. One of the zookeepers gave the couple an egg of their own and they have hatched and raised a baby penguin named Tango. yup, makes me teary each and every time I read it.

Howard gets bullied and learns what to do to stand up for himself.

Christy is not happy to be told to play nicely with her neighbour Eddie Lee, a young boy who has Down’s Syndrome. Christy discovers that there is more to Eddie Lee than she first thinks.

Don’t be a passive participant to bullying, say something when you see it happening!

Fun to read, kids love it, and the bully becomes a friend in the end. A nice change to the bully suffering or being punished in some way.

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