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Stop by the library to check out our latest acquisitions, praying mantis nymphs. Bring a container – I am giving them away!


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A huge thank you to Wally Ng, a retired teacher from Strathcona. Every year, Wally had praying mantis eggs hatch and would give away the little praying mantises to children who brought little containers to school. We are so excited in the library, because this year, Wally brought more praying mantis eggs, which are now in the library. Students are buzzing about the insects, as many if them had praying mantises from years past.


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Praying Mantises

Every spring Mr. Ng his students praying mantises to take home and care for.  At a certain time each year, students are milling about with insects in jars and looking in the library for books to read about their new companions. Last year, we couldn’t find any praying mantis books on the shelves. Not one. So this year,  after much searching, I finally found one. A simple one, sure, but finally we have at least this one.

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