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Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine


Ten year old Caitlin, who has Aspberger’s Syndrome, has difficulty navigating the world of people and has always relied on her older brother Devon to help her. When Devon dies, Caitlin and her dad are left to find their own way. Beautiful story. I cried several times. Recommended by Carrie Gelson.

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The new Peter H. Reynolds book is out and as always, I am delighted by his charming treatment of deeper issues. Reynolds wrote “I’m Here to help us all reach out, embrace, and appreciate children in the autism spectrum, as well as anyone else different than us.” (jacket)A boy sits apart from the large group of kids. While he amuses himself, he finds a piece of paper and folds a paper airplane, imagining himself flying in it and interacting with the group of children. As he returns to the field he sits in, a young girl notices the airplane and him.

I highly recommend Dot and Ish, great stories for encouraging reluctant artists and creators.

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Friends With Disabilities Series


Looking for a book to read with kids that helps children develop empathy and understanding for people with disabilities? Friends with Disabilities Series joins a growing list of books that do just that. One thing I love about this series, other than the sensitive and honest way it looks at people with disabilities, is the text features! Text boxes, glossary, index, internet sites and related books! I also love the positive message:

                  My friend Robby has a disability called ADHD. But that doesn’t matter to us.
                  We play basketball, tell jokes, go canoeing, and help each other with our
                  homework. I’m glad Robby is my friend!


What is an information storybook? Also known as a nonfiction narrative, information storybooks read like a story but contain information. A hybrid between fiction and nonficiton and a great way to explore facts, but not so great to use for research.

Another great thing about this series? Look at the pictures! These are people of different colours! It isn’t a book about ethnic holidays or food! How happy it makes me to see a variety of ethnicities represented in a non-multiculural book.

Read the series: ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia

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