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Recommended by my friend and colleague, Annie, I was immediately sucked into All The Bright Places. The book launches with the school’s freaky kid on a ledge, wondering if he should jump or not, when he looks over to see a popular girl doing the same thing. The girl begins to panic and so the boy rushes to save her. No one believes she would ever contemplate suicide, so he claims that she saved him. With that, begins a beautiful and tragic bad boy and good girl teen romance.


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This was an interesting book. The main character has severe allergies to everything, so she is essentially quarantined in her home with just her mother and a nurse for company. This is mostly fine for her until a cute boy moves in next door. Instantly attracted to one another, they begin a secret relationship. Though fairly predictable, it was an enjoyable read.

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This is such a great novel.  It was super funny.  And the voice.  The voice made me laugh and ripped up my heart at the same time.  I haven’t enjoyed a novel this much in a long time.  Painfully funny portrait of the third most popular girl who struggles with fitting in and having integrity.

Because of the mature content, this book is appropriate for older teens and adults.


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