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After destroying the environment, people have been unable to live on Earth, instead living in large space colonies. When scientists and government officials begin to suspect that Earth may be inhabitable, they send 100 juvenile delinquents to Earth to test their theory.  Clearly there will be a sequel. A TV series based on the novel airs in January.

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A grandfather dies leaving an unusual will. Each of his seven grandsons (all youth) are given a task, a quest, a mission. Seemingly innocuous or even pointless, each of the seven grandsons has a coming of age experience.

Each of the Seven novels are written by a different well known YA author and can be read in any order.

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I love this series for younger chapter readers. It has adventure, fantasy, mythical beasts, and an accidental child hero, who doesn’t feel brave but manages to save the day.

In looking for great books for grade three novel studies, I can across this series. You could definitely use it with grade 3’s or 4’s or 5’s.  And it is a fantastic read aloud. I’m reading it to small class right now and they love it.

by the author of Theodosa.

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I love Barbara O’Connor, author of How To Steal a Dog, and her novel The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester is another good read.

Owen Jester has moved across town, away form his two best friends and into his grandfather’s house when his dad loses his job. He’s not happy being far from Travis and Stumpy, with a grumpy woman living in his old place, and the nosy Viola who now lives next door. Luckily, Viola is allergic to almost everything and although she tries hard to tag along and push her way into all Owen’s adventures, often her allergies prevent her. The one particularly annoying thing about Viola is that she is always right!

Take Owen’s bullfrog Tooley for example. Sure, he may not look so slimy and healthy green anymore, but it took Owen a lot of time and ingenuity to capture the biggest and best bullfrog in Graham Pond. Who is Viola to tell him that Tooley should be released? Owen takes good care of  Tooley, giving him insects to eat and building him the best cage that includes land and the pond water! Tooley must be happy, right?

One good thing about his grandpa’s house is the late night train that runs near the house. Really late one night, Owen hears something big and heavy fall off the train. He spends many days trying to discover what it is and when he does, well, it’s gonna be hard it a secret… a fantastic secret!

And check out this trailer for O’Connor’s other book The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis!


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I highly recommend this graphic novel series. Book One: The Stonekeeper begins with a punch. A family of four is driving in their car at night when suddenly their car careens off a cliff and the father dies. Broken hearted, the mother and two children move to a creepy old mansion that the mom grew up in. When their mother is kidnapped by a strange beast, the children and the bunny go on a quest to find her taking them to strange worlds with even stranger creatures. Beautifully illustrated.

Stay tuned, I heard number four is rolling out as you are reading this…

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