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The Lemonade Crime

In The Lemonade War, siblings Evan and Jessie compete to see who will make the most money selling lemonade.  When Scott leaves all the money, all two hundred and eight dollars, in his pocket, the money goes missing. Right after, Scott runs home and soon after comes to school bragging about his new video game. Evan suspects it was Scott who stole the money and Jessie is convinced. Jessie is so sure Scott stole the money, she initiates a trial, complete with a judge, jurors and lawyers.

Good read. Great intro for a mock trial.

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As a parent or a teacher, there are times when we have to tackle difficult issues with our children (death, divorce, learning disabilities, bullying, racism…). Lucky for us there are picture books that help! Picture books are such a nonthreatening way to broach a topic: after all, you can simply talk about the characters and their feelings and experiences. It may very well morph into a personal conversation, but it certainly doesn’t have to.

a great picture book to launch discussions about bullying

I had a request recently for picture books about stealing. How I LOVE requests that require a lot of searching and researching. Stealing didn’t immediately strike me as a topic difficult to find picture books about, but it was. After some frustrated searching in two library systems and Amazon, I turned to Kidsbooks. Kidsbooks is a glorious store dedicated to books for children. Yes, they have great stuffies. Yes, they have fun art kits. Yes, they have puzzles and games and great window displays and author events and even great adult books. That is all wonderful, but where Kidsbooks really shine is in their expertise.

A few years ago I booked an appointment with Christianne Hayword, of Christianne’s Lyceum, who walked me through tons of books with an Olympic theme – overcoming great odds, perseverance…  A year before that I was fortunate to work with a few Kidsbook staff members who helped me find great picture books for a memorial collection.

So when I was stumped by this request for books about stealing I sent an email inquiry off to Kidsbooks and a couple of days later I received a response from Phyllis herself (owner). She had a list of great selections. The ones I ordered arrived last weekend and they are fabulous!

Louis loves aeroplanes more than chocolate, pizza and watching tv. So when Louis finds a model airplane in the schoolyard, he can’t help but take. Even when he discovers that the plane truly belongs to his classmate Charlie, Louis takes it home anyway where he begins to have a growing sense of unease. A wonderful ‘finder’s keepers’ tale with a satisfying ending.

Tico Tango sees the deliciously colourful fruit of his friends and so he steals them, flying along happily, until… disaster strikes. Will his friends forgive him?

Three stories with discussion prompts that help kids decide what they would do in different situations. The only objection I have to this book is their use of the words good and bad, although it does make it pretty clear what behaviours are considered apropriate and not.

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