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Recommended by Carrie Gelson, here are a few beautiful, teary picture books about death.

Missing Mommy is a poignant tale of a young child grieving.

When Mommy dies, a little boy worries that he will forget her smell and the sound of her voice.

Buckley misses his Papa immensely, so he crafts little boats and sends them out to sea with a note. Buckley knows that if the boats don’t return, his Papa has received them. When Buckley makes an unexpected discovery, he begins to accept that Papa may not be coming back.

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I love Melanie Watt books and I am thrilled about her latest, Bug in a Vacuum, that is not only not funny, but looks at the five stages of grief.

With his distinct illustration and writing styles, Todd Parr is another favourite children’s author. In fact, I purchase all his books for the library, because they are simple, poignant, and relevant. In particular, I like his family book and the one about adoption, because they show diverse families and highlight a commonality in all families: love.

In The Goodbye Book, a little fish loses his companion and through this scenario, the readers explores the various feelings and  experiences people have when they lose someone they love.

This book is a lovely and sad story. A dandelion and a bird become friends and share their life stories. After a windstorm, the dandelion and her seed pods are gone, and so the bird holds onto her memories, sharing them with some very familiar little dandelions who appear in the field.

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I deeply loved this book. My partner kept asking me, “What? What’s so funny?” It’s rare for me to laugh out loud when reading. At the end I cried.

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