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A lovely tale of four friends who decide to have a bravery contest.  They discover that what is not very brave for one may be a very big act of bravery for another.  Fantastic for discussing bravery, overcoming obstacles and fears, acceptance of others, and seeing things from another’s perspective.  Also great as a writing prompt: kids can write about something that would be brave for them do.

This is such a wonderful book, I’ve added a new category: Essential Library Book.  It is a fabulous book that every library should own.


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I’ve been reading George Flies South to many primary classes who completely fall into the story of a young bird who is reluctant to fly even though winter approaches.


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Each two page spread is beautifully illustrated, inspiring us to overcome challenges and to follow our dreams to make our world a better place, with a reference to a great role model.

The book ends with one phrase:

What’s your next step going to be?

Perfect for discussion, goal setting, writing activity…

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