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Praise for book 3 of The Unwanteds – Island of Fire.  This book was amazing Aaron becomes the leader of Quill as Alex becomes the mage of Artime they must put their skills to test as Alex finds a way to get his friends back Aaron makes a bigger army in Quill.  In Warbler everyday Lani is sending her seek spell losing hope but little does she an Samheed know Mr.Today has died and Alex is doing everything he can to try and save them.  In this new exhilarating book who will rise Alex or Aaron?     I rate this book ★★★★☆ THANK YOU!   Approved

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YAY!! Another great book by Katie Alender(: Marie Antoinette,Serial Killer is about a girl named Collete who goes on a class trip to Paris. While in Paris, Collete keeps seeing strange “visions” of a lady dressed in old fashioned clothing,who is none other then Marie Antoinette. While Collete is figuring out why this ghost is trying to contact her, there are also boy and friend troubles along the way as well as a brutal killer running around!! If you have read Famous Last Words then this book and that book kinda have a similiar concept but both of them are really good in there own ways. I really recommend this book if you like murder mysteries/ghost stories with a hint of romance.

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20894023   I really enjoyed this book!! I have read other books by Katie Alender but this is by far my favorite by her. It’s about a girl named Willa who moves to L.A. with her mother and her new stepfather Jonathan. Her new stepfather lives in a old house that used to belong to a famous actor, Diana Del Mar. While living in the house Willa encounters several “paranormal” incidents. As well as encountering these incidents,Willa has to deal with the fact that there is a murderer deemed “The Hollywood Killer” running around L.A. targeting pretty teenage girls. This book is a truly suspenseful novel about dealing with the fact that, Hollywood Can Be Murder…

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The wonderful book of magic and wonder. Every year in the land of Quill all the 13 year old’s names are read and the some people are read as unwanteds including Alex.  They are sent to the Death Farm to be killed and burned in boiling oil. When something amazing happens and they are saved, they are not safe forever.  With spells and magic I would give this 5 Stars !!!

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Horten’s Miraculous Mechanisms: Magic, Mystery, and a Very Strange Adventure

horten horten 2

Stuart Horten, age 10 but looks younger, moves to a small town one summer where he stumbles upon a fascinating note from his uncle who has long disappeared. Following the clues, Stuart begins to unravel a mystery with the help of his annoying triplet neighbours. Funny, entertaining, and quirky, I enjoyed both novels. Along similar lines as Wildwood, The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, The Penderwicks.

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The 100 year anniversary of this catastrophic event has sparked great interest in books about The Titanic. We have a number of gorgeous books in the library and two new editions from my most recent foray to Kidsbooks.

Another beautiful and engaging book by DK, this one featuring stunning illustrations with cut outs, photographs and reproductions of documents. New!

Titanic: The search for the lost fugitives (Codequest Adventure)

Learn about history as you help Brendan, a code breaker and journalist, solve the various mysteries. Part of the Code Quest series, this story is told from the point of view of Brendan. Interactive mystery where the readers are also detectives! This series also includes Inca and Ancient Egypt mysteries. New!

Other recommended Titanic titles.

Prolific Canadian author publishes another of this trilogies aimed at Grades 3+.

Part of the Canadian Flyer Series, this well written series has 15 titles, each one about a different part of Canadian history. Grades 2-4

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The Incorrigibles

Recommended by Strath librarian Megan Langley, The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling, is a highly enjoyable read. Proper, determined and not afraid to get her hands dirty, fifteen year old governess Miss Penelope Lumley is a fantastic character. educated at an orphanage for bright girls, Ms. Lumley is hired by the wealthy Ashtons to care for the three siblings found on their property. Supposedly raised by wolves, the incorrigible children are left to Ms. Lumley for basic education as well as to teach them proper manners and decorum at society events. The children are lovable and darling, although a bit on the wild side, especially when squirrels are around.

I have placed a hold on the second book.

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