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Not yet sick of supernatural teenage love stories? Here’s a fairly entertaining one about Grace, once bitten by werewolves as a young child, now in her teens and still obsessed with the wolves who live in the woods behind her house. In particular, Grace is fascinated by the wolf with the yellow eyes who seems to watch her throughout the winters but disappears in warmer months. While it may not have changed my value system or contributed to any earth shattering revelations, Shiver was a decent read.

Grace is a competent, independent and pragmatic person, a nice change from the pathetic, in-need-of-constant-saving-by-males that was so annoying about Bella.

Mature readers. YRCA nominee.

Ok, I confess to putting a hold on the sequels. A good series to read on the beach this holiday?

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Wondering what to read after you’ve devoured the Twilight series? The Mortal Instruments is a highly entertaining series about Clary, a seemingly regular teen who is preoccupied by her mother’s strict rules, her best friend Simon, homework and crushes on boys. When Clary starts to see things other people can’t see and her mother disappears, Clary finds out that she isn’t so regular after all. Drawn into a strange and dangerous mystery, encountering supernatural beings – some friendly and many not, Clary begins to discover some secrets about her family and her past and a deepening attraction to Jace, a dangerous warrior who may or may not be trouble. Satisfying in a predictable way, not particularly well written, but with a fast paced plot, The Mortal Instruments is an engaging light read.

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