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Lillian’s stomach is really bothering her as she anticipates doing show and tell at her new school. All the other kids have great toys to show, but when Lillian and her mom left home in a hurry because of her dad’s bad moods, Lillian wasn’t able to take anything to the shelter with her, except a set of magic beads.

Poignant and thought provoking. Powerful.

I read this book aloud to a grade 4/5 class. Many students connected with the story and shared their personal experiences.

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Touching Spirit Bear is an excellent story of survival, redemption, and finding one’s inner strength and self. After severely beating his classmate, Cole is asked to choose between participating in Native American Circle Justice or prison. Cole chooses Circle Justice and winds up, alone on a remote island for one year.

In the sequel, Cole has since befriended Peter, the young man he beat up when Peter was sent to live with Cole on the island after attempting suicide twice.  The two young men return to their homes and school where they face gangs, bullying and violence. Cole and Peter learn that just surviving isn’t enough.

Good choice for a read aloud or lit circle.

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