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The Bok Chitto River in Mississippi was once the dividing line between slavery and freedom. If slaves crossed the river to where the Choctaw Aboriginal people lived, they were free and it was illegal for slave owners to bring slaves back across. The Choctaw people built a secret bridge across the river. It was piles of stones that sat just below the muddy water and it was invisible unless you knew about it. One day, a Choctaw girl named Martha Tom crossed the river and got lost. A young slave boy named Little Mo helped her get home and they became friends over the years.

Powerful and emotional, this book would be a wonderful read aloud.


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When Miss Mary Finch dies, her slave Isabel knows that her and her little sister Ruby are to be granted their freedom in Miss Finch’s will. But Robert Finch, Miss Mary’s greedy opportunist of a nephew, and only surviving relative, insists the will cannot be found and so he sells the two young girls to the Locktons. Mr. Lockton¬†is not completely horrible, but Mrs. Lockton is a cruel and vindictive woman. Isabel longs for freedom while trying to protect her simple younger sister and keep them together. Powerful and disturbing. For more mature readers. By the author of Speak.

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