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Ida B

I am rereading this lovely story of a home schooled girl who not only talks to, but listens to trees. And brooks. At Seymour School, Ms. Gelson and I ran a book club with keen students at lunch. We have read many wonderful stories in the past 2.5 years and I just couldn’t imagine not participating. The book club, that now includes Strathcona’s own Ms. Shepherd-Dynes, is reading Ida B and I can’t help but read along. The book club started posting responses this year on the blog…

Some of our Book Club selections:

The Grave

The Skull of Truth

The Higher Power of Lucky, an award winning book, is currently in the middle of a censorship debate for the use of this word. I have to admit to being disappointed in some of my fellow librarians and teachers. And I highly recommend this book.

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