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As can be expected, National geographic publishes material for kids with amazing photographs.  I also like their simple, short text which makes for great read alouds. Sometimes we read so many stories with kids, we forget how much they love nonfiction.

Here are a couple of my favourites:

Kids ask why all the time. Here is a great collection of why questions and answers.

In addition to the Ultimate, there are three of these gems in a nice square format. They make a great gift. they could also launch some research or writing your own weird but true facts.


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Another recommendation by my lovely friend and colleague Carrie Gelson. Flip through this little book and read aloud any fact that makes you laugh, or snort, or cause tears to form. Kids love this book so much that I have to warn them before I start reading that they cannot borrow the book when I am done and that I need it for other classes. They all ask anyway. Failing that, they then just spent their whole library time reading it. And sharing it. And discussing it. And being excited about books and reading and weird facts!

Start with a book: students can research and find weird but true facts to create a class book of weird but true! Students can read aloud to other kids, younger kids, parents…

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