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I LOVE Candace Ryan’s Ribbit Rabbit. It is hilarious to read with kids. I am very happy to see her second book: Moo Hoo. I plan to read this with many classes this coming week. Funny rhymes and plays on words, great illustrations.

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Mo Willems is one of my favourite picture book authors/illustrators, but not for those deep, heart wrenching stories that transform your life or way of seeing the world. Mo Willems writes hilarious stories for read aloud, ones that fly off the library shelves, ones that kids ask me for every single day. Mo Willems wrote Knuffle Bunny (one, two and free), and the Pigeon books. Both series are have kids laughing, participating, and reading in their free time.

Elephant and Piggie are a very funny, cute pair in a reader format, entirely written in speech bubbles, inviting participation (shouting, even). There are many Elephant and Piggie titles, which are also translated into French (Emile et Lili).

Highly recommended for read alouds for younger students, choral reading, dialogue/play writing.

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