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After working many years in British Columbia, Yang Hok is just about to board a ship back home to China, when his former lover appears, leaving their son in his care. Unwilling to bring home a half Chinese half Aboriginal child, Yang Hok searches for the boy’s mother. Will Yang find her before his ticket home expires?

Set in 1885, after the completion of the railway, A Superior Man depicts what life was like for early Chinese immigrants and migrant workers in British Columbia.

Well known for his gripping and often dark tales for kids, Paul Yee’s most recent novel is targeted at adults, and would be appropriate for older secondary school kids.

Also a fabulous storyteller, Paul Yee will be in town this fall doing several readings.

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We are so lucky to have the amazing author Paul Yee come to visit us on Tuesday May 22. Paul Yee went to Strathcona School and grew up across the street. Paul Yee is the author of many favourite books and has written picture books, novels for kids, nonfiction for adults, and historical fiction. He often writes stories from a Chinese Canadian perspective, many of which teachers love to use with their kids.






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