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I just love books by wonderful, award winning Laura Vaccaro Seeger. I Used to be Afraid is a gorgeous, simple tale of transformation. I read it aloud to a group of Kindergarten students and they loved it. The book invoked many connections for the kids, and they were dying to share their stories.

Laura Vaccaro Seeger who also wrote Green, available in French as Vert, and Les Citrons Ne Sont Pas Rouges, both of which work very well in French and English.


My favourite LVS book just might be Bully, the story of a young bull who takes out his anger on others only to regret the consequences. Will there be redemption and transformation for him? Another favourite read aloud.


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A lovely tale of four friends who decide to have a bravery contest.  They discover that what is not very brave for one may be a very big act of bravery for another.  Fantastic for discussing bravery, overcoming obstacles and fears, acceptance of others, and seeing things from another’s perspective.  Also great as a writing prompt: kids can write about something that would be brave for them do.

This is such a wonderful book, I’ve added a new category: Essential Library Book.  It is a fabulous book that every library should own.


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