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Rot and Ruin series

How excited I was to receive the fourth and final installment of Mayberry’s Rot and Ruin zombie series for teens! A most satisfying conclusion.

Benny Imura is a very young child when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Raised by his zombie killing older brother, Benny struggles to grow up.

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You’re not a fan of Twilight or any of the other violent fantasy romances. You’re way beyond Stars Wars and Harry Potter.  You loved Hunger Games. What to read now?

I highly recommend Enclave by Ann Aguire, the story of Deuce, a young girl who at the age of fifteen earns her name and role in the community as a huntress. As a huntress, Deuce is not only expected to hunt for meat but to also go on patrols with her partner, a social outcast, and kill freaks – mutant human looking creatures with sharp teeth, claws, and indiscriminate taste for flesh.

Deuce is thrilled to be a huntress but begins to question the Enclave’s leaders and their strict rules and ruthless consequences.

Mature readers only. Some gruesome scenes, some romance…

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