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I just love books by wonderful, award winning Laura Vaccaro Seeger. I Used to be Afraid is a gorgeous, simple tale of transformation. I read it aloud to a group of Kindergarten students and they loved it. The book invoked many connections for the kids, and they were dying to share their stories.

Laura Vaccaro Seeger who also wrote Green, available in French as Vert, and Les Citrons Ne Sont Pas Rouges, both of which work very well in French and English.


My favourite LVS book just might be Bully, the story of a young bull who takes out his anger on others only to regret the consequences. Will there be redemption and transformation for him? Another favourite read aloud.



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Great Read Alouds and Engaging Students in the School Library

Literacy Day at Mackenzie Elementary School

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mary Locke, Teacher Librarian Mentor for the VSB and Teacher Librarian at Gordon, and I are hosting a workshop this Tuesday afternoon. Below you will find all of the documents we distributed at the workshop.

Great Read Alouds Slide Show

Piazza Reading List

jens book list 2016

Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod

Story Summary Gordon

Story Pyramid

Jeffers booklet Yamashita

Elements of a Story Tornroos

Dan Bar-El Author Shepherd

Character Pawagi (1)

Character Map

Can Have Are (1)

Book Review DS 2

Venn Diagram

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When guinea fowl feels different, because he doesn’t have spots like the others, he writes a letter asking for spots. More and more packages arrive, but none of them are right. Spots in a Box rhymes and is beautifully illustrated.

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Slightly odd, yet charming, this picture book features photographs of real squirrels interacting with painstakingly hand made miniatures. It reminds me of this book I loved as a child that had photographs of a stuffed bear.

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Cookbook Love

I love cookbooks and there are some fantastic ones for kids.  I look for great photographs, easy steps, larger font, easy layout, and few ingredients. this book is the latest addition to the library.  I think it will be a popular one.


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For the holidays,

I’ve been reading these brand new books with the younger ones:

I love how this family celebrates and honours the cultural/religious traditions of both parents and create their own with elements of both. I did read some critical reviews of this work. Some people were wondering why the author/illustrator didn’t include the multi-ethnic aspect of her own family. While I agree this inclusion would have made the work much more powerful, I still include it on my read aloud list because it does help kids understand diversity in family winter celebrations. Worth a read. The children enjoyed it.

This is a nice story about a girl who receives a dollhouse for Hanukkah and the family of mice who move into it.

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New Halloween favourites:


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