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Recommended by my friend and colleague, Annie, I was immediately sucked into All The Bright Places. The book launches with the school’s freaky kid on a ledge, wondering if he should jump or not, when he looks over to see a popular girl doing the same thing. The girl begins to panic and so the boy rushes to save her. No one believes she would ever contemplate suicide, so he claims that she saved him. With that, begins a beautiful and tragic bad boy and good girl teen romance.

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This was an interesting book. The main character has severe allergies to everything, so she is essentially quarantined in her home with just her mother and a nurse for company. This is mostly fine for her until a cute boy moves in next door. Instantly attracted to one another, they begin a secret relationship. Though fairly predictable, it was an enjoyable read.

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War Brothers: The Graphic Novel

Jacob has a nice life in Uganda, with a loving family and friends at school. When Jacob returns to school with his mates, rebel soldiers attack and abduct the boys, forcing them to become child soldiers. A haunting and grim tale. This would be a great lit circle book.

Cheerleaders versus Robot Nerds. When both groups find out that funding has been cut and that where the remaining money will go will be decided by the student council… the race is on. Who will win? The cheerleaders or the robot nerds? An entertaining teen read.


A funny and painful peek into adolescence set in a school of magic. Not at all like Hogwarts.


Another great book by Jillian Tamaki. This one was written with her sister, Mariko Tamaki. Spending each summer at their beach cabin has always been great for Rose. Rose loves running around with her friend Windy and exploring the beach community. This summer is different. Rose is starting to grow up, her interests are shifting, and Windy still acts like a little kid. Not only that, but something is wrong with Rose’s mom.

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After working many years in British Columbia, Yang Hok is just about to board a ship back home to China, when his former lover appears, leaving their son in his care. Unwilling to bring home a half Chinese half Aboriginal child, Yang Hok searches for the boy’s mother. Will Yang find her before his ticket home expires?

Set in 1885, after the completion of the railway, A Superior Man depicts what life was like for early Chinese immigrants and migrant workers in British Columbia.

Well known for his gripping and often dark tales for kids, Paul Yee’s most recent novel is targeted at adults, and would be appropriate for older secondary school kids.

Also a fabulous storyteller, Paul Yee will be in town this fall doing several readings.

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mockingjay I loved this book it was so good!!! I’ve read all the other books in the hunger games trilogy and this was by far the best with so much more action adventure and some romance in it. I really recommend this book for people who like those type of qualitys in a book.

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YAY!! Another great book by Katie Alender(: Marie Antoinette,Serial Killer is about a girl named Collete who goes on a class trip to Paris. While in Paris, Collete keeps seeing strange “visions” of a lady dressed in old fashioned clothing,who is none other then Marie Antoinette. While Collete is figuring out why this ghost is trying to contact her, there are also boy and friend troubles along the way as well as a brutal killer running around!! If you have read Famous Last Words then this book and that book kinda have a similiar concept but both of them are really good in there own ways. I really recommend this book if you like murder mysteries/ghost stories with a hint of romance.

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20894023   I really enjoyed this book!! I have read other books by Katie Alender but this is by far my favorite by her. It’s about a girl named Willa who moves to L.A. with her mother and her new stepfather Jonathan. Her new stepfather lives in a old house that used to belong to a famous actor, Diana Del Mar. While living in the house Willa encounters several “paranormal” incidents. As well as encountering these incidents,Willa has to deal with the fact that there is a murderer deemed “The Hollywood Killer” running around L.A. targeting pretty teenage girls. This book is a truly suspenseful novel about dealing with the fact that, Hollywood Can Be Murder…

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