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One of the early primary teachers requested a pile of wordless books. I pulled favourites and also went hunting for ones I’d never heard of. Here are two beautifully illustrated wordless books that I discovered in my search:

Magical and complex, both stories are for older students.


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A stunning wordless book by Anne-Margot Ramstein and Matthias Aregui, that shows before and after images of things that transform. Beautifully illustrated. Use as a ‘read aloud’ or to launch an art project.

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Wordless picture books are stories told through images rather than words.  Children are much more involved in the story,  because reading them encourages their participation.  Wordless picture books can be complex stories,  or simple linear tales.  Wonderful to read aloud and explore with kids, wordless picture books are also great launching points for writing.  Here are a few favourites:

A complex tale for older students with stunning drawings.

A complex tale for older students with stunning drawings.

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Unspoken: A Story From the Underground Railroad,  is a gorgeously illustrated story of a young farm girl who discovers a slave running for freedom, hiding in her barn, and decides to help.

Great for Black History Month and questioning & inferring.

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wonderful wordless

I love wordless picture books and The Conductor is a beautiful one.

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A few books I recommend for Remembrance Day…

Focus on Peace:

Such a great book. Paulie Patrami achieves world peace one cupcake at a time. How will you achieve world peace?

Each two page spread begins with the statement: Somewhere today and then tells how peace is happening around the world. Photographs include a variety of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Beautiful photographs of people all over the world, very simple text.

And a couple books about war:

The true story of a young woman who saves a group of children, hides them, feeds them, and cares for them in a concentration camp. This

True story of a stuffed bear sent in a care package to a young soldier in World War 1. The bear returns from the war, but the soldier doesn’t.

This is one of my most favourite books. A wordless picture book that begins with a peaceful frog sitting with his flower on a rock, that somehow evolves into an all out war. Brilliant for discussions.

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Owly: The Way Home

Owly is lonely and wishes to make friends, but being an owl, other creatures are afraid of him, despite his attempts to demonstrate good intentions. After rescuing a pair of fireflies caught in a jar, Owly encounters a worm almost drowning in the rain. After saving the worm and nursing him back to health, Owly learns of worm’s tragic tale: washed away during the massive rainstorm and swept far from his cozy home and loving parents. The two new friends pack supplies and set off on a quest to return worm to where he belongs.

Almost wordless graphic novel series by Andy Runton.

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