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Disgusting photographs of decaying pumpkins, long after the glory of Halloween has passed, Rotten Pumpkin is told in the voice of 15 different creatures including sow bugs and earthworms.

Pop-Up Haunted House is a great rhyming read aloud. Kids always love pop-up books and I rarely have them for borrowing since they get destroyed very quickly.

In a Dark, Dark Wood is another fun read aloud that follows the traditional pattern of this story, but with a twist at the end.

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The kids LOVED this fractured fairy tale when I read it aloud. Three pigs train in martial arts in order to protect themselves from the big bad wolf. The first pig is pretty lazy, and quits early on. Obviously, he does poorly when he fights the wolf. The second pig does some training, but is pretty slack so when he ends up having to run away. The third pig, the sister, is a dedicated martial arts student. When she finally meets the wolf, she doesn’t even have to fight him, because he runs away scared when she demonstrated some of her skills.

Rhymes. Funny. Great read aloud. Nice lesson about working hard.

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Such a hilarious, rhyming picture book about a young lad with a passion for building who ends up with a teacher who will not allow any building or designing or even speaking about architecture. Very charming. Another recommendation from Ms. Russo, who knows good books. Connect with Iggy Peck on Facebook! Also good for discussions about following your heart, living true to yourself, developing passions…

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This a such a fantastic book by Julia Donaldson, author of the Gruffalo. A little rabbit makes up rhyming poems about all different creatures and situations, but not everyone appreciates his gift. Will he ever meet someone who likes to rhyme too?


Gorgeously illustrated with glittery bumpy bits that are fun to touch.

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I’ve been reading Jan Thomas with many of the younger students and we just love her books!

Yesterday I began our storytime by showing this picture and asking the children what is was and how it grows. They had many answers, including a carrot, a vegetable and a radish. A couple guessed correctly that it is a turnip. And from there we launched into Thomas’ book, A Birthday for Cow.

Pig and Mouse are planning a big celebration for Cow’s birthday and are baking a delicious cake, while Duck tries to get them to use turnips. If you like the story, you an spend $10 and buy the app for it.

This is hilarious and a perfect book for getting your kids all excited. The cows are having a great time, at the expense of Chicken’s sofa. Chicken isn’t too pleased either. Great read, but a pretty poor choice for bedtime or trying to calm the kids down.

Everybody rhymes but Bob. Ed, Ned, and Ted are wondering what Bob’s problem is… why can’t he rhyme all the time?

Jan Thomas has written a number of other great titles, so check out her books!

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Thanksgiving is such a lovely time of year when we can gather with the children and have wonderful discussions on things we are thankful for. It is sometimes hard – remembering to be grateful. We often wander around complaining of the things we don’t have, the  things that bother us. On Facebook right now, there are some people who are posting one thing they are grateful for for 365 days – a whole year.  I love reading what they post.

Here are two delightful rhyming books to read with your children:

The Perfect Thanskgiving by Eileen Spinelli

Abigail Archer’s family is perfect, from manners to clothes to food,  while the narrator’s family is far from perfect, but both families are perfect at being loving families.

An Awesome Book of Thanks by Dallas Clayton is beautifully and whimsically illustrated in an unusual format (long and narrow all double page spreads). An excellent launching off point for that discussion or writing activity… “What are you thankful for?”


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