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Here are the latest French picture books at Strathcona:

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Beautiful, haunting story of a family who flee their country because of war. Minimal, simple text make this book appropriate for various ages.

Y’a pas de place chez nous

Families fleeing the war escape by boat, but are not welcomed where they attempt to land.

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A young boy looks forward to his usual daily routine with his father, but one day he isn’t there.

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Jon Klassen is hilarious and his latest does not disappoint. So glad to see this translated into French.

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And some light, funny reads.


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Canadian author and illustrator Marianne Dubuc is my latest favourite. I first fell in love with the illustrations in Le Lion et L’Oiseau. Simply stunning. I love her use of line for texture and non-rectangular panels.

I’ve been reading Animal Masquerade to many classes Kindergarten to Grade 3. After the Kindergartens found the book hysterical, I wasn’t sure the older students would appreciate it, but they did! Every page kids get to call out their guesses and when you flip the page? They laugh and even scream.

Marianne Dubuc has several other picture books, written in French and some translated to English. I’ll let you know how they go over with the kids.

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When I read this book to five classes, I began by simply showing them the cover and reading the title. After two seconds? Kids began to giggle and some commented about how cute the pony was. Princess Pinecone is a Warrior princess in a kingdom of warriors. She is tired of getting cozy sweaters for her birthday and so she asks for a strong, fast, warrior horse to help her in battles, but ends up with a short, round pony whose eyes look in different directions. The pony may not be the warrior horse, Pinecone imagined, but they are a powerful team. Hilarious. Kids laughed through the whole book.

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Charming and funny book about a young kid who is serious about being a ninja.

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Author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers’ work is always good for laughs, and Once Upon an Alphabet: short stories for all the letters is no exception.

Each letter is accompanied with a clever short story that makes the children and the adults laugh. Or snicker.

Easy to use as a writing prompt: the students can each select a letter to write a quirky and funny short story for. Illustrate and you have a wonderful class book. Use Book Creator on the iPad to create a digital book that is easy to project.

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Praise for book 3 of The Unwanteds – Island of Fire.  This book was amazing Aaron becomes the leader of Quill as Alex becomes the mage of Artime they must put their skills to test as Alex finds a way to get his friends back Aaron makes a bigger army in Quill.  In Warbler everyday Lani is sending her seek spell losing hope but little does she an Samheed know Mr.Today has died and Alex is doing everything he can to try and save them.  In this new exhilarating book who will rise Alex or Aaron?     I rate this book ★★★★☆ THANK YOU!   Approved

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A hilarious read aloud about Michael, a boy who collects words. One day, he collects a very inappropriate word which creates quite a stir at school. Great for learning vocabulary and talking about triple-scoop words.

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