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A little update on the previous post… here’s the library display for Freedom to Read Week created by VPL librarian Zoey.

freedom to read

The jail generated a lot of buzz among the students. Comments such as,”What?! Why is Bone banned?” and,”Harry Potter? Why can’t we borrow Harry Potter?” prompted many interesting conversations.

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Praise for book 3 of The Unwanteds – Island of Fire.  This book was amazing Aaron becomes the leader of Quill as Alex becomes the mage of Artime they must put their skills to test as Alex finds a way to get his friends back Aaron makes a bigger army in Quill.  In Warbler everyday Lani is sending her seek spell losing hope but little does she an Samheed know Mr.Today has died and Alex is doing everything he can to try and save them.  In this new exhilarating book who will rise Alex or Aaron?     I rate this book ★★★★☆ THANK YOU!   Approved

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This second book of The Unwanteds is amazing and explodes with all new spells and magic! Alex’s friends plan to go on a trip when a terrible disaster goes on in Artime when Aaron builds a team and schemes to take over Artime a battle between Alex and Aaron who will win? With a cliffhanger so wonderful you wil not be able to stop reading this book . Again this series is amazing and you must read it also if I could I would give this 6 out of 5 Stars!!                                                                                                                                                                            [Do You Agree To Find Out Read This Book]

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The wonderful book of magic and wonder. Every year in the land of Quill all the 13 year old’s names are read and the some people are read as unwanteds including Alex.  They are sent to the Death Farm to be killed and burned in boiling oil. When something amazing happens and they are saved, they are not safe forever.  With spells and magic I would give this 5 Stars !!!

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    Semaine de la liberte d'expression 2011

February 20-26, 2011 is Freedom to Read Week in Canada! Swing by the library and check out our display of banned and challenged books. You may be surprised by what what you find. Click on the link and read more about important issues like censorship and intellectual freedom. Check out the challenged and banned booklist!

Challenged for including magic and witchcraft and was removed from classroom use, but not from the school library in one Ontario school district.

Was banned from the Surrey school district for 'promoting homosexual lifestyles." A group objected to the banning by taking it to the Supreme Court.

Challenged in the Sechelt School District because the book promoted an anti-logging perspective. The school board rejected the request to have the book removed.

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