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Come to the Library at Lunch to

celebrate Harry Potter Week

October 30 – November 3, 2017!


Monday, October 30 – read books, word searched, colouring pages

Tuesday, October 31 – Halloween – Harry Potter costume contest – prizes – Harry Potter characters only!

Wednesday, November 1 – Harry Potter Lego Movie

Thursday, November 2 – Harry Potter Kahoot – trivia game – prizes

Friday, November 3 – play a fun game of Quiddich!

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One of the early primary teachers requested a pile of wordless books. I pulled favourites and also went hunting for ones I’d never heard of. Here are two beautifully illustrated wordless books that I discovered in my search:

Magical and complex, both stories are for older students.


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Praise for book 3 of The Unwanteds – Island of Fire.  This book was amazing Aaron becomes the leader of Quill as Alex becomes the mage of Artime they must put their skills to test as Alex finds a way to get his friends back Aaron makes a bigger army in Quill.  In Warbler everyday Lani is sending her seek spell losing hope but little does she an Samheed know Mr.Today has died and Alex is doing everything he can to try and save them.  In this new exhilarating book who will rise Alex or Aaron?     I rate this book ★★★★☆ THANK YOU!   Approved

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The Selection

The Selection is a fantastic book if you like romance. There’s this girl name America  Singer who gets chosen into The Selection to win Prince Maxon’s love. I like this book because the book itself has some complex words.The begining was a slow start to the book.This book I’ll recommend if you like romance and fantasy and if you 12+. I’ll rate this book ★★★★☆
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This second book of The Unwanteds is amazing and explodes with all new spells and magic! Alex’s friends plan to go on a trip when a terrible disaster goes on in Artime when Aaron builds a team and schemes to take over Artime a battle between Alex and Aaron who will win? With a cliffhanger so wonderful you wil not be able to stop reading this book . Again this series is amazing and you must read it also if I could I would give this 6 out of 5 Stars!!                                                                                                                                                                            [Do You Agree To Find Out Read This Book]

╥ < APPROVED > ╥

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The wonderful book of magic and wonder. Every year in the land of Quill all the 13 year old’s names are read and the some people are read as unwanteds including Alex.  They are sent to the Death Farm to be killed and burned in boiling oil. When something amazing happens and they are saved, they are not safe forever.  With spells and magic I would give this 5 Stars !!!

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If Dork Diaries met Harry Potter, if Twilight were written for the middle years… I was told this is one of the hottest books right now, but it was poorly written.  I chose to read it so I could recommend it to kids and have conversations with kids, but not for my own personal entertainment.  Although I fully expected to trudge through it, I quite enjoyed this novel.  It moved at a brisk pace,  the villains were fun, the princesses were snooty,  good was against evil, and there were some surprises.  I heartily disliked the misogynist perspective of the ‘good girls’ needing to have male approval in order the succeed, although this was turned around in the end.

Entertaining.  Great for kids who aren’t quite at the Twilight stage, but would enjoy a fantasy romance.

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