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A couple of lovely read alouds.

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Here are the latest French picture books at Strathcona:

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Beautiful, haunting story of a family who flee their country because of war. Minimal, simple text make this book appropriate for various ages.

Y’a pas de place chez nous

Families fleeing the war escape by boat, but are not welcomed where they attempt to land.

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A young boy looks forward to his usual daily routine with his father, but one day he isn’t there.

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Jon Klassen is hilarious and his latest does not disappoint. So glad to see this translated into French.

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And some light, funny reads.


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I just love books by wonderful, award winning Laura Vaccaro Seeger. I Used to be Afraid is a gorgeous, simple tale of transformation. I read it aloud to a group of Kindergarten students and they loved it. The book invoked many connections for the kids, and they were dying to share their stories.

Laura Vaccaro Seeger who also wrote Green, available in French as Vert, and Les Citrons Ne Sont Pas Rouges, both of which work very well in French and English.


My favourite LVS book just might be Bully, the story of a young bull who takes out his anger on others only to regret the consequences. Will there be redemption and transformation for him? Another favourite read aloud.


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Canadian author and illustrator Marianne Dubuc is my latest favourite. I first fell in love with the illustrations in Le Lion et L’Oiseau. Simply stunning. I love her use of line for texture and non-rectangular panels.

I’ve been reading Animal Masquerade to many classes Kindergarten to Grade 3. After the Kindergartens found the book hysterical, I wasn’t sure the older students would appreciate it, but they did! Every page kids get to call out their guesses and when you flip the page? They laugh and even scream.

Marianne Dubuc has several other picture books, written in French and some translated to English. I’ll let you know how they go over with the kids.

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New Magazines

Some people love to read magazines and kids are no different. With chunked text and beautiful images, magazines appeal to many. I am excited to introduce our three newest subscriptions:

Série Archie Sélection (B.D.)

Still popular Archie comics in French! I have already shown our first copy to Mme. Simard’s class, and they were very excited.

Science, history, animals, nature… this beautiful magazine in French is now available at Strath.

Yum Food & Fun is a cooking magazine for kids. We have many students who love our cookbooks and I think this magazine will be a hit with them.

What else do we have for kids?

In French



In English




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This lively, colourful book shakes up gender roles and expectations. Find the answer to each question by flipping the flap. The only page I don’t like, is the one about war.

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Nous avons besoin de livres avec la diversité, comme les livres ici:


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