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YAY!! Another great book by Katie Alender(: Marie Antoinette,Serial Killer is about a girl named Collete who goes on a class trip to Paris. While in Paris, Collete keeps seeing strange “visions” of a lady dressed in old fashioned clothing,who is none other then Marie Antoinette. While Collete is figuring out why this ghost is trying to contact her, there are also boy and friend troubles along the way as well as a brutal killer running around!! If you have read Famous Last Words then this book and that book kinda have a similiar concept but both of them are really good in there own ways. I really recommend this book if you like murder mysteries/ghost stories with a hint of romance.

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20894023   I really enjoyed this book!! I have read other books by Katie Alender but this is by far my favorite by her. It’s about a girl named Willa who moves to L.A. with her mother and her new stepfather Jonathan. Her new stepfather lives in a old house that used to belong to a famous actor, Diana Del Mar. While living in the house Willa encounters several “paranormal” incidents. As well as encountering these incidents,Willa has to deal with the fact that there is a murderer deemed “The Hollywood Killer” running around L.A. targeting pretty teenage girls. This book is a truly suspenseful novel about dealing with the fact that, Hollywood Can Be Murder…

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teen lit

My friend and colleague Carrie Gelson always has great book recommendations. Last week she told me she enjoyed these two books by Maggie Stiefvater, and although I thought Shiver was just ok, I gave them a whirl. The Scorpio Races was dark, foreboding and suspenseful. I finished it quickly. I did like the Raven Boys, but found myself confused in many parts, especially the end. It made a lot more sense when I realized it was the first in a series, as I felt some questions were not answered, some ends still loose. Both books I would recommend.

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New Series

I anticipate these new series to be very popular. Many students are looking for books on dangerous animals, supernatural creatures, and scary things.





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There’s  a lot of dystopian teen lit coming out right now, and here is one recommended to me by Margot…

Reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy‘s The Road, Stephen and his father have buried the grandfather, a powerful and strong personality who had little empathy and gentleness, but upon whom they relied for survival. Stephen and his father are salvagers, people gathering goods that were abandoned after the plague decimated the world. They travel back and forth across the wasted country looking for valuable item and trying to avoid the slavers.

After a bad encounter with slavers, Stephen is forced to accept help and to trust people who aren’t family.

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When ghost wrangler Frank Gallows accidentally sends Garth, an eleven year old with a terminal illness, into Ghostopolis, a rescue team is sent in to retrieve Garth, but not until they wait three days for their ship to charge. Feeling guilty, Frank sets off to the ghost world on his own with the help of his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile young Garth meets up with his grandfather, who tries to help him return home.

With a document reader, it would make for a great read aloud for older kids.

Beautifully illustrated, Ghostopolis has a fast moving plot and likeable characters.

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Not yet sick of supernatural teenage love stories? Here’s a fairly entertaining one about Grace, once bitten by werewolves as a young child, now in her teens and still obsessed with the wolves who live in the woods behind her house. In particular, Grace is fascinated by the wolf with the yellow eyes who seems to watch her throughout the winters but disappears in warmer months. While it may not have changed my value system or contributed to any earth shattering revelations, Shiver was a decent read.

Grace is a competent, independent and pragmatic person, a nice change from the pathetic, in-need-of-constant-saving-by-males that was so annoying about Bella.

Mature readers. YRCA nominee.

Ok, I confess to putting a hold on the sequels. A good series to read on the beach this holiday?

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