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Mme. Bronwen and I ran a Makerspace experience for her grades 4 & 5 French Immersion students this year. After two sessions with recycle bin materials, we switched to Tinker Toys, building blocks, PlusPlus and other prefabricated, commercially available materials. Engagement was high and it was a great sandbox for developing social skills necessary for effective group work (not always easy).

These makerspace experiences were inspired in part by our Professional Book Club selection, Invent to Learn, an introduction to the maker movement in educational settings.

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Here’s my first project using conductive thread. Using the Sew Electric kit, I made a bookmark out of crafting felt, sewing a battery inside that lights up an led. Instructions for this project and others are available on the Sew Electric website. For this particular project, you don’t actually need the kit. You could just head to your nearest electronics store for a few bits. Lee’s Electronics in Vancouver is my favourite. The staff at Lee’s helped me order my Makey Makey kits and pull together enough very basic supplies to do a little project with coin batteries and mini LEDs. The staff were not only patient with my lack of understanding, but they were excited to hear teachers wanted to experiment with circuits in classrooms.




The Sew Electric Kit has very fun projects, including ones where you use a Lilypad arduino board that you need to program, and comes with all the supplies you need for the circuitry.



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Keith Richard’s picture book memoir of his life as a young boy, inspired by his eccentric grandfather to love music and the guitar. Lyrical text with illustrations by Theodrora Richards, Keith’s great-granddaughter. Includes a CD with the story read by Keith Richards and music.

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Praise for book 3 of The Unwanteds – Island of Fire.  This book was amazing Aaron becomes the leader of Quill as Alex becomes the mage of Artime they must put their skills to test as Alex finds a way to get his friends back Aaron makes a bigger army in Quill.  In Warbler everyday Lani is sending her seek spell losing hope but little does she an Samheed know Mr.Today has died and Alex is doing everything he can to try and save them.  In this new exhilarating book who will rise Alex or Aaron?     I rate this book ★★★★☆ THANK YOU!   Approved

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This second book of The Unwanteds is amazing and explodes with all new spells and magic! Alex’s friends plan to go on a trip when a terrible disaster goes on in Artime when Aaron builds a team and schemes to take over Artime a battle between Alex and Aaron who will win? With a cliffhanger so wonderful you wil not be able to stop reading this book . Again this series is amazing and you must read it also if I could I would give this 6 out of 5 Stars!!                                                                                                                                                                            [Do You Agree To Find Out Read This Book]

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The wonderful book of magic and wonder. Every year in the land of Quill all the 13 year old’s names are read and the some people are read as unwanteds including Alex.  They are sent to the Death Farm to be killed and burned in boiling oil. When something amazing happens and they are saved, they are not safe forever.  With spells and magic I would give this 5 Stars !!!

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This is such a cool book that walks us through the elements of design, tricks and tips designers use to capture people’s attention, and the history of graphic design. From scale to juxtaposition, to image resolution, to fonts, to colour, to scale, to light and dark, this book exposes young people to design. Includes fun design projects. Great to launch a unit on graphic design.

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