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Tuesday, January 30  – Minecraft Books and activities

Wednesday, January 31 – Drawing contest!

Thursday, February 1 – Trivia Game

Friday, February 2 – Surprise


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May is Awesome Book Month in Strathcona Library, so share the awesome books you’ve read. If you borrowed a great book, return the book on the counter as usual, and add one of the Awesome Book Bookmarks. These are located on the front counter. Tell us why you thought this book was awesome!

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My grade 6/7 RTI group requested that we do Battle of the Books for the second term. Modeled after School Library Journal’s battle, Strathcona’s Battle of the Books is much like a badminton tournament. The thirty kids in our group selected 16 novels, and each group of 3 or 4 students read two books and selected a winner. In round two, the winners battle each other and so on and so on until four rounds later . . .  we have a winner. We are still in Round Two, but check out the diagram below to see how it works.

Battle of the Books




Things that worked:

  • high student engagement
  • excitement about the books
  • many students read books in the battle but not part of their group
  • lots of great discussions about the books, who should win and why


  • some students did not complete the reading on time which created big delays
  • delays dampened the excitement
  • some kids wanted to spend a lot of time discussing and some wanted to do none or very little

What would I do differently?

  • have the funding for enough books!
  • have a back up activity/plan for the kids who didn’t complete their reading
  • kids blog about their choices

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